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WHO • kara zor-el ([personal profile] advena) & you
WHERE • many and varied places
WHEN • now, but possibly elsewhen
WHAT • hello, space. your resident alien is here.
WARNINGS • do you like sunshine? there is none.

➤ cinderella's gone to new york city
( kara arrives in space overnight, cold to the touch and unreasonably wet in a darkened corridor off the main hallway. as her eyes crack open, they're greeted by unwelcoming flickering lights, almost fluorescent; her first thought is simply: hospital? perhaps a wing of the deo she was unfamiliar with, carved out of rock and decorated with metals.

but there's no noise beyond that strange electrical popping, the sound of lights fizzing off and on. there's no sound of soldiers here, no chatter pressing into her headspace thanks to kryptonian superhearing. there's nothing, and that alone is enough to distress her. she should hear something.

brushing clammy hands — another first; kara makes a mental note to ask alex when she finds her about it — over her suit, the gummy residue slick under her fingertips, she does her best to brush herself off and clamber to her feet. maybe she can find someone, anyone, and figure out where she's fallen asleep at. and why.

her own footsteps create the only new sound in this strange space. they, too, should be louder. )

➤ like fancy ketchup. dijon ketchup.
( superhearing or no superhearing, kara's still kara. hungry is her default state. so it's unsurprising that her early explorations direct her towards the mess hall, where trial and error and a very loudly growling belly encourage the use of a set of very dodgy looking replicators.

she's seen these before. or rather, things like this. only once, and many years ago, while on a scientific ambassador mission with her father to another planet. the transport ship had had a wall full of replicators, shinier and prettier versions with bright screens, and she'd used them to pile her plate high with endless versions of kryptonian homefare.

if she couldn't be at home, or on earth, perhaps she could have something of her childhood. unfortunately for kara, the resulting glop on her plate looks more like the wastebins of krypton than any version of fine dining. and it smells like it too. )

Oh, no.

➤ cinderella

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[ anderson has woken up not long ago, the rifle she'd picked up in peach trees in one hand and her uniform protecting her against the chill of the corridors. she doesn't know how she's gotten here and she doesn't know where here is, and that leaves her on edge. the hall of justice didn't train her for this, but they did train her to think on her feet and so she does, rounding corner after corner, reaching out with her mind to determine if there are any threats ahead.

there aren't, but there is someone — someone just as confused as anderson feels. so she lowers her weapon before stepping around the next corner. ]


[ anderson is trained to classify people, to assess them quickly. this one's a young woman, anderson's age, maybe a few years older. not a perp, probably not a threat. ] Did you just wake up?
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[ "stranger people" comes through loud and clear, but anderson's expression doesn't change. it's hardly insulting, and even if it were: she's been called far worse things in her life. she's learned to deal with verbal abuse and she's learned to deal with people's thoughts, even the negative ones. ]

I don't. [ know where they are. ] You're not from Mega-City One.

Date: 2017-05-17 04:40 pm (UTC)
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I am, yes. [ born and raised in one of the mega-blocks at the edge of the city, near the radiation wall. anderson doesn't know any of the places kara is thinking about. none of this makes sense, but so far, it isn't as terrible as some of the things anderson has seen and so it's easy enough to push through the confusion. ]

It is cold here. And you're not wearing much.

[ that's a yes. though anderson's uniform (a judge's uniform, though she'll never be a judge now. she failed her final assignment because she lost her primary weapon) at least offers more insulation than kara's clothing does. ]

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[ anderson points back the way she's come. ]

Down that corridor. I've been checking several of them. [ she doesn't quite have a mental map of this place yet, but she thinks she understands the set-up of this place, whatever and wherever it is, well enough not to get lost and turned around. it wouldn't do to run right into enemy lines — if there's an enemy here. so far, anderson hasn't been able to pick anything up even though she's been reaching out with her mind as much as she can without losing her hold on reality. ]

So far, I haven't spotted an exit. [ but - ] I did see elevators.