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WHO • everyone + one alien visitor
WHERE • all aboard the vessel
WHEN • may 15th and onward
WHAT • congratulations: you have been boarded
WARNINGS • please warn in the subject lines! potential themes: violence

in the early hours of may 15th, a noise reverberates through the ship, accompanied by a brief decrease in speed. this can be felt by characters in a similar way that a small (and very brief) earthquake might be.

if characters go to explore, they find that attached to an airlock on deck 1 is a small spacecraft. exploring it yields no weapons or answers (but may yield food) as the ship's system is in an entirely foreign language. the conclusion should nevertheless be obvious.

congratulations: you have been boarded.

over the course of the next days, characters may see signs of the alien who did it: long shadows, claw marks scratched high into the wall of one corridor on deck 3 near an elevator, personal belongings they may have left in their quarters disappearing. attempts to find the alien (who will spend most of the time on decks 3 and 5) requires skill in sneaking up on someone and will be met with violence from the heavily armed creature. attempts at communication and diplomacy will be met with violence.
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