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WHO • leonard snart ([personal profile] atms) & sara lance ([personal profile] taer)
WHERE • deck 2
WHEN • 25 may
WHAT • two new arrivals, well, arrive. a reunion of sorts.
WARNINGS • probably some swearing, feelings, talk of death?

[ sara wakes up disoriented, unsure of when she went to sleep (or was she knocked out?) and what happened. after a moment, she realises that she doesn't know where she is, either, and that's worrisome, but she's been in worse situations. no one is holding a gun to her head right now, for one.

she forces her body to cooperate, getting to her feet. she still has her staves, she's still in her canary outfit, she's not restrained and still: no gun. she's definitely been in worse situations — but the perception that this is something she can handle, even if she doesn't know what it is yet, changes when she sees another figure slumped on the ground, a large parker and skinny jeans tucked into combat boots.

she knows that outfit. she knows that shaven head. she knows that jawline, too, and she knows that when he looks up, she'll recognise his eyes, too. it should be impossible: leonard snart sacrificed himself, he got scattered all across time and space, he's dead. but sara knows better than most that death isn't always the end.

it still feels like a punch to the gut. ]

I must have hit my head harder than I thought. [ she mutters, an attempt at levity and a reminder to herself not to get her hopes up. it could be a hallucination, it could be a trick. ]
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