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WHO • Illya Kuryakin ([personal profile] razh) & napoleon solo ([personal profile] selective)
WHERE • deck 2, corridor
WHEN • arrival
WHAT • two spies, one ship, endless possibilities.
WARNINGS • n/a currently - may update!

[ when illya finally comes to terms with where he is, and the lack of information he has to combat it, he decides that his only course of action is to take stock and familiarize. he needs to know where he is, what this new location is capable of, and what he needs to expect when he moves around in order to better understand how - in any capacity at all - he will possibly get out of here. so when he does finally come to,
he starts moving. he starts taking stock. he starts figuring out where he is and why.

it leads him out into the hallway. it leads him around the corner. he is unarmed and somehow, unbeknownst to him, empty-handed. he won't deal with this for log - there are enough items around that he could use to his advantage, but for now? for now he will make do with his hands. and his training.

which are both, nearly, enacted when he turns the corner to find someone else rounding it. someone else he hadn't been expecting, and who he nearly offed in that single moment in a spur of near-shock. but it is his instincts that hold him back, and his instincts that are the reason he recognizes the man seconds after he rounds the corner, stopping right in his tracks. ]

Cowboy? [ it can't possibly be true. ]
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