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WHO • STEVE ROGERS ([personal profile] starspangle) & NATASHA ROMANOFF ([personal profile] breakables)
WHERE • random corridor on deck 2
WHEN • june 4
WHAT • new ex-avenger arrivals show up and things get a little scary
WARNINGS • none yet

[ The first thing he notices is the cold.

His eyes shoot open at around the same time that he gasps for air, like he'd been drowning up until this point. He has no idea why his skin feels cold, why his body is taut and tense with the chill of the air, why there's a crick in his neck like he'd landed on it funny.

When he straightens, it's with a sudden movement, and then he's scanning his surroundings with the strategic care (and a little panic) of a soldier stuck in an unknown location, groaning when he rubs the back of his head and then his neck. ]

Where the hell -

[ Where the hell, indeed.

Steve Rogers sits up and when he looks to his left, he's relieved at least, to find his friend and partner, Natasha Romanoff, beside him. She looks to be unconscious but the rise and fall of her chest is a blessed indication that she's alive. That's the important part. The rest can follow after.

He gets to his feet with careful motions, feeling the slow ache in his muscles as they begin to wake up, reminding him that whatever happened probably didn't happen gently. When he rolls his shoulders, they crack with the tension. It's dark in here and they're standing (or lying, in Natasha's case) on a grill that echoes with every step he takes, his boots suddenly the loudest instruments in the world. There's a row of dim, flickering lights from this end of the corridor to the other end but no activity otherwise. This looks like a ship, and an abandoned one at that, but he doesn't remember getting on board any ship before this. He doesn't remember being kidnapped either.

Satisfied that they seem to be alone for the moment, Steve bends down to gently shake Nat's shoulder. ]


[ His voice is soft but he can still hear the echo of it bouncing against the metal walls. He can see his breath coming out in a cloud of fog. They'll freeze if they stay here for long. ]

Natasha, wake up.
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