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WHO • dorothy gale ([personal profile] fujita) & EVERYONE
WHERE • deck 3, the void of space
WHEN • June 5th, shortly after
WHAT • Credence found Lucas' body; Dorothy acts without thinking and goes after the alien. More people get involved.
WARNINGS • death, both permanent and not.

OOC: here's the outline of the plot, a rough sketch of how things will go down. feel free to diverge from it if necessary for icness so long as the main points remain intact. also please feel free to write your own starters about any and all of these plot points you'd like to play out!

  1. credence finds lucas' body.
  2. dorothy freaks out in the mess hall for anyone there to see
  3. dorothy, enzo, caroline and jo (and whoever else would like to join) go to see the body and dorothy, upon finding that lucas really is dead, goes to kill the alien. the others join her.
  4. dorothy finds the alien (somehow, eventually, possibly with wanda's help) and in her anger uses her magic to blast the alien out into space. unfortunately, that creates a hole in the ship and dorothy, jo, enzo and caroline are sucked into space as well.
  5. dorothy and jo die, the vampires and the aliens stay alive and make their way back aboard
  6. everyone can get into the fight with the alien; the outcome is as of yet undetermined! (according to the poll, capture was favoured over killing, but recent events may have changed some minds, so it'll be up to players to decide what happens!)
  7. an hour after dying, jo wakes up on deck 2 again.
  8. at some point, the wizards (possibly with wanda's help) fix the hole in the ship
  9. at some point, steve rogers finds the red cloth that was ripped from supergirl's cape.
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