Jul. 4th, 2017 12:56 pm
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WHO • theodore ing ( [personal profile] fingerprint ) and napoleon solo ( [personal profile] selection )
WHERE • around n stuff
WHEN • early july
WHAT • Searching around for different kinds of food, developin' a little cr, the works.
WARNINGS • probably just theo being weird.

[ Theo is... weird. The few people who've met him have no doubt had the chance to see this for themselves - no matter the topic, the golem's choice of words, intonnation and posture always betray his misalignment with everyone else. As much as Louise's spell made him complete, for the most part, some things just need to be taught.

See: how to hunt for food. No actual hunting involved, mind - scavenging and exploring, rather, in case this mysterious ship is hiding a secret stash of nutritious ingredients that won't make everyone's palate mourn the loss of real taste.

One thing that has been easy to arrange, is clothes. Theo looks as bland as he can be, so maybe fashion is something that Solo may or may not have to offer advice on as well. Another thing to be taught, really. And Solo does look so very smart. (badum tch) ]

Oh, hey - you made it. That's great! I mean, I trusted that you would, since there haven't really been any more deaths. I think. Have there?

[ His frown is as thoughtful as it is concerned, if not more. ]
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