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CHARLIE SPENCER ([personal profile] krav) wrote in [community profile] spacebattles2017-05-09 07:55 pm

( OPEN ) a party at the end of the world

WHO • charlie spencer ([personal profile] krav) & YOU
WHERE • the mess hall
WHEN • charlie has no idea what day it is (may 9th)
WHAT • a party in space, because that's what everyone needs, right?
WARNINGS • alcohol! yes, you read that right. if things get wild, please warn in the subject headers and feel free to put up your own top levels!

[ charlie's figured out how to make the replicators spit out something alcoholic. it isn't nice, admittedly, but if you down a shot of it quickly, it's not too bad and it'll still get you drunk. he hasn't done much to the ambience: the lights are still flickering, it's still cold, but there's a table full of shots, up for the taking, and he's managed to connect his phone to the computer panel, so at least there's music.

if you dance, you won't get cold.

charlie will be making the rounds, putting shots into people's hands, grinning at them like he doesn't care at all that he woke up on an unknown spaceship less than 48 hours ago, that he hasn't really managed to sleep, that he's cold and it's bringing back bad memories. as long as he keeps moving, he doesn't have to think about any of that. ]
You look like you could use a drink.

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