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WHO • leonard snart ([personal profile] atms) & sara lance ([personal profile] taer)
WHERE • deck 2
WHEN • 25 may
WHAT • two new arrivals, well, arrive. a reunion of sorts.
WARNINGS • probably some swearing, feelings, talk of death?

[ sara wakes up disoriented, unsure of when she went to sleep (or was she knocked out?) and what happened. after a moment, she realises that she doesn't know where she is, either, and that's worrisome, but she's been in worse situations. no one is holding a gun to her head right now, for one.

she forces her body to cooperate, getting to her feet. she still has her staves, she's still in her canary outfit, she's not restrained and still: no gun. she's definitely been in worse situations — but the perception that this is something she can handle, even if she doesn't know what it is yet, changes when she sees another figure slumped on the ground, a large parker and skinny jeans tucked into combat boots.

she knows that outfit. she knows that shaven head. she knows that jawline, too, and she knows that when he looks up, she'll recognise his eyes, too. it should be impossible: leonard snart sacrificed himself, he got scattered all across time and space, he's dead. but sara knows better than most that death isn't always the end.

it still feels like a punch to the gut. ]

I must have hit my head harder than I thought. [ she mutters, an attempt at levity and a reminder to herself not to get her hopes up. it could be a hallucination, it could be a trick. ]

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[ everything aches. which is surprising, because the last thing leonard remembers was a bright light and burning. being at ground zero of an explosion like that isn't something that should be survivable. and yet, here he is, waking up on an unfamiliar cold floor with someone muttering near by.

with a quiet groan, he pushes himself into a sitting position, squinting at his surroundings. definitely not the oculus wellspring. or the waverider. or any part of the vanishing point, for that matter. the sleeve of his jacket's a little fried, as are his hands, which means the explosion definitely happened. but what happened after that bright light and big boom is apparently up for debate. ]

You know... [ he drawls, voice just a little hoarse, shoving himself to his feet as he looks at sara. ] The whole self-sacrifice thing kind of loses its impact when you rush in and save me at the last minute.

[ because that's the only real explanation for him being alive and with her standing right in front of him. not that he's really complaining, mind. dying for real would've been terrible. he just hopes no one's told lisa yet. ]

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Well. Fuck.

[ if he doesn't know how they got here, and she doesn't know how they got here, then who's flying the plane?

leonard's not really concerned about this being the time masters fucking with them. he knows for certain most of them died a fiery death the same way he was supposed to and so they couldn't really have done this. they were too concerned about the oculus blowing for there to be some sort of teleportation fail safe in there to keep it from actually being destroyed. but for someone to have nabbed him from outside of time, and sara from... wherever and whenever she's from? they've got to have some pretty interesting tech or powers on them. ]

Yeah, Sara. [ he lets the put-on drawl fade from his voice in this moment. he's quiet as he turns his hand to wrap gentle fingers around her elbow, supporting the arm that's holding onto him. welcoming her into his space. for now. ] I'm alive.

[ though he has no idea how. or-- ] How long has it been? [ for her. since she left him behind. ]
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[ leonard pulls away from her, easing into a deliberately casual stance inside his personal space bubble. touchy-feely isn't him. and, while he's willing to make a brief exception for sara as she wraps her head around all this, adding discussion of mick into the equation has him slamming his walls up. ]

That doesn't surprise me. [ his tone is nonchalant, but the way he tucks his hands into his jacket pockets and, for a brief moment, clenches his jaw, belies the fact that her words send a stab of something through him. not regret. he won't ever regret taking mick's place. but a resigned sort of sadness that this is the way it has to be. ]

Did Kendra finally finish off Savage?

Date: 2017-06-23 04:00 pm (UTC)
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I'd put money on that not lasting long.

[ quiet lives aren't for people like them. people who have gone through the sorts of things they've gone through, seen the sorts of things they've seen. he has no doubts that kendra will give it a good college try. but he'll be surprised if she succeeds. ]

Takes two whole people to replace me, huh? [ it's easier to be glib about his death than it is to actually acknowledge it. leonard fully expects this is going to annoy the shit out of sara, but he says it anyway. ] Tell me about them.