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Apr. 13th, 2017 05:38 pm
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Please use the following format when posting:

Please tag all posts in the following format: canon: character name
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WHO • everyone!
WHERE • all over the ship
WHEN • august 6-9
WHAT • level 4 becomes accessible and something escapes that makes everyone's emotions go haywire.
WARNINGS • possible non/dub-con warning for sex, drunkenness and general emotional affect



Jul. 4th, 2017 12:56 pm
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WHO • theodore ing ( [personal profile] fingerprint ) and napoleon solo ( [personal profile] selection )
WHERE • around n stuff
WHEN • early july
WHAT • Searching around for different kinds of food, developin' a little cr, the works.
WARNINGS • probably just theo being weird.

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WHO • peggy carter ([personal profile] revlon) & steve rogers ([personal profile] starspangle)
WHERE • deck 2
WHEN • forward-dated to the first week of july
WHAT • tmw your wartime girlfriend shows up in space when she should be hella old and super dead
WARNINGS • ...blood?? mildly graphic descriptions of injury

i'm sorry, agent carter; not everyone's cut out for hollywood )
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WHO • dorothy gale ([personal profile] fujita) & EVERYONE
WHERE • deck 3, the void of space
WHEN • June 5th, shortly after
WHAT • Credence found Lucas' body; Dorothy acts without thinking and goes after the alien. More people get involved.
WARNINGS • death, both permanent and not.

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WHO • STEVE ROGERS ([personal profile] starspangle) & NATASHA ROMANOFF ([personal profile] breakables)
WHERE • random corridor on deck 2
WHEN • june 4
WHAT • new ex-avenger arrivals show up and things get a little scary
WARNINGS • none yet

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WHO • Illya Kuryakin ([personal profile] razh) & napoleon solo ([personal profile] selective)
WHERE • deck 2, corridor
WHEN • arrival
WHAT • two spies, one ship, endless possibilities.
WARNINGS • n/a currently - may update!

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WHO • leonard snart ([personal profile] atms) & sara lance ([personal profile] taer)
WHERE • deck 2
WHEN • 25 may
WHAT • two new arrivals, well, arrive. a reunion of sorts.
WARNINGS • probably some swearing, feelings, talk of death?

if you want to steal us away )
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WHO • everyone + one alien visitor
WHERE • all aboard the vessel
WHEN • may 15th and onward
WHAT • congratulations: you have been boarded
WARNINGS • please warn in the subject lines! potential themes: violence

desperate measures )
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WHO • Credence Barebone ([personal profile] repressings) & everyone, with a closed starter for Graves
WHERE • Deck 2 corridors, mess hall
WHEN • 5/11
WHAT • Credence finally arrives, meets everyone, tries not to kill people, the usual
WARNINGS • Mentions of abuse and matricide, all that fun stuff

red crosses on wooden doors; )
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WHO • charlie spencer ([personal profile] krav) & YOU
WHERE • the mess hall
WHEN • charlie has no idea what day it is (may 9th)
WHAT • a party in space, because that's what everyone needs, right?
WARNINGS • alcohol! yes, you read that right. if things get wild, please warn in the subject headers and feel free to put up your own top levels!

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WHO • kara zor-el ([personal profile] advena) & you
WHERE • many and varied places
WHEN • now, but possibly elsewhen
WHAT • hello, space. your resident alien is here.
WARNINGS • do you like sunshine? there is none.

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WHO • lucas ([personal profile] scarecrowed) & dorothy ([personal profile] fujita)
WHERE • one of the crew quarters on floor 2
WHEN • day 4
WHAT • lucas is cold, but he has toto. what about dorothy?
WARNINGS • gross feelings? cuddling huddling for warmth

it's cold )
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WHO • everyone
WHERE • deck 2: corridors & mess hall
WHEN • day 1
WHAT • characters arrive
WARNINGS • please warn in the subject headings

in space, no one can hear you )