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WHO • lucas ([personal profile] scarecrowed) & dorothy ([personal profile] fujita)
WHERE • one of the crew quarters on floor 2
WHEN • day 4
WHAT • lucas is cold, but he has toto. what about dorothy?
WARNINGS • gross feelings? cuddling huddling for warmth

[ it's cold. it's really, really cold on this spaceship and somehow, that just drives home the reality that she's in a big piece of metal hurtling through space right now, which is not a great thought. it's not, but dorothy has some practice not letting herself linger on all the things that are not great in her life, so she tries to blend it out. she's found some blankets, at least, and so far she's always managed to fall asleep sooner or later (it's hard to tell time in space, so she's been following her watch, maintaining some kind of rhythm), huddled under those blankets.

she's almost managed today, too, when there's a knock at her door. she doesn't really want to get up; doing so will mean letting out what little body heat she's managed to keep under the blankets and besides, she's tired and so close to just drifting off —

but it could be important.

she stands, keeping one blanket around herself like a cape, and opens the door only to find lucas (roan) standing in front of it.
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